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Studio Shorts with Michael Sabbaton


15th September 7.45pm

Harrogate Theatre Studio

STUDIO SHORTS – An Evening with Michael Sabbaton

For the last seven years, Michael Sabbaton has established himself as a performer, writer and producer of dark, cult theatre. Concentrating to date on bringing the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft to the stage, he has developed a style both intimate and epic leading his audience down an ever deeper rabbit-hole of the human psyche.

Join Michael for an evening exploring his process and passion where his previous works will be discussed fromThe Call of Cthulhu to Polaris. From writing, design, sound and performance, Sabbaton will share his story and outline his latest plans for the future.

A unique opportunity to gain an insight into the creative process. This is an event for Sabbaton fans, new and old alike…fhatagn!





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